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By Mike Bassi, Director of Partnerships |

Business intelligence continues to grow in importance, lending a distinct advantage to firms that successfully integrate this information into their strategic decision-making processes. Data from business vehicle (BV) programs—including both employer-supplied fleet vehicle initiatives and mileage reimbursement policies—presents a new frontier for data-driven innovation. That’s why we created Equo Intel.

By Denise Oemig, Director of Relocation Services |

There are lots of reasons why someone would take a flight on the company’s dime. They might be heading to a tradeshow or conference, visiting with a client, or possibly relocating to a new area.

Whatever the reason, companies will be paying more at the gate for airfare tickets than they have in recent months.

Mileage Reimbursement FAQ
By Mike Bassi, Director of Partnerships |

As the experts in business vehicle program management, and as the company who helps set the IRS mileage rate, we hear a lot of questions about mileage reimbursement and deductions. From taxation and compliance to mileage tracking and best practices, we’ve heard them all. Some questions, however, we hear more often than others. Here are a few of the most common questions about mileage reimbursements that we know you want answered.

What is the current federal mileage rate?

By Dillon Blake, Senior Director of Business Development |

In recent months, I’ve heard many people talk about how the needs of the fleet managers have changed and how employees are asking for different things than they did in the past. To that, I say that change is the only constant. Companies can no longer live in the safe bubble of “that is the way it has always been”. Often, it’s those programs that have been administered the same way for years that are facing the most challenges in their programs. To stay ahead of challenges, companies should consider the following top trends in Fleet, and how to apply them.

By Dillon Blake, Senior Director of Business Development |

Each type of business vehicle reimbursement program has its purpose in the marketplace. For example, fleet programs are great for companies whose employees need specialty equipment, like ladder racks or tool boxes. Cents-per-mile programs fit well with companies who have occasional business drivers. Fixed and variable rate programs are great for those companies who have high mileage drivers and are looking for tax benefits.