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Business Vehicle | Page 2 | Mobile Workforce Management Solutions
By David Olson, Vice President of Product Development |

Of all the types of vehicle reimbursement programs available to organizations, fixed and variable rate reimbursements tend to be the most confusing and complicated. However, this type of program has some major benefits that could benefit your organization in a big way. Check out the infographic to discover how Runzheimer's Fixed & Variable Rate (FAVR) program can protect your company from risk, while also saving costs. 

Mileage Only Expense Without a Receipt
By Dillon Blake, Senior Director of Business Development |

Last year, Aberdeen Group reported that 57% of companies are under pressure to improve visibility into their T&E spending1. Though mileage is one of the largest T&E expenses, it’s often left unmanaged, and unmanaged mileage means unmanaged expense. Think about it. Mileage is the only travel expense without a receipt. This is a big deal for organizations who reimburse mobile employees through a cents-per-mile (CPM) program policy.

4 Reasons to Outsource
By Meghan Peterson, Business Consultant |

It’s no secret that companies today are tasked with doing more with less. Within every functional area of an organization, tasks to streamline processes have become a high priority. As the number of mobile employees continues to grow, one obvious area to streamline and create efficiencies is within the mobile workforce, specifically those who drive for company business.