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Four ways to lose control of your cents-per-mile reimbursement policy

Four ways to lose control of your cents-per-mile reimbursement policy

Mileage Only Expense Without a Receipt
By Dillon Blake, Senior Director of Business Development |

Last year, Aberdeen Group reported that 57% of companies are under pressure to improve visibility into their T&E spending1. Though mileage is one of the largest T&E expenses, it’s often left unmanaged, and unmanaged mileage means unmanaged expense. Think about it. Mileage is the only travel expense without a receipt. This is a big deal for organizations who reimburse mobile employees through a cents-per-mile (CPM) program policy. Without an easy way of capturing and substantiating miles, cents-per-mile employees are left to their own devices. This means they likely fall into one of the following categories—all four of which hurt your company’s bottom line. Let’s say that if CPM was a game, these would be the players.

Perhaps a few of these folks sound familiar……do you have any at your company?

After taking a look at the infographic, be sure to take our short quiz to see how much you could save on your cents-per-mile program.

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Cents Per Mile Employees Infographic

1 Aberdeen Group. "The T&E Expense Report that Writes Itself: How Close Are We?" April 2015

About the Author

Dillon is the Senior Director of Business Development at Runzheimer. He has over 10 years of experience working in the business vehicle, fleet, and technology industries. Now with Runzheimer for almost 4 years, he has used his knowledge and expertise to help hundreds of organizations better manage their business vehicle and vehicle reimbursement programs.