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By Kevin Nelsen, Marketing Professional |

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting some of our clients with my team to review their program. As we completed our final meeting and were saying our goodbyes, one of the individuals we met with said:

“You know, we appreciate you coming out to see us. Not many companies do face-to-face meetings anymore. The fact that you took the time to do this meeting here, not just over the phone, really shows how much you care about our success.”

Mileage Capture App
By Randy Mueller, President |

We have some of the greatest Application Developers in the business at Runzheimer. Nothing made this more clear than the amazing advancement we are releasing in our latest update to Equo™, our mileage tracking and field intelligence application.

If you know anything about Runzheimer as a company, you know that technology, service, and expertise are the major pillars that support us as a company. Everything we do to advance our award-winning technology is to make the work lives of our end users better.

By Mike Bassi, Director of Partnerships |

How confident are you about the structure and strength of your vehicle reimbursement program? Is it a hastily prepared and unstructured plan, or is it a professional policy that supports your culture of fairness in wages, benefits and expense management? Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) wage codes recognize how expense reimbursement affects wage compliance, and weak reimbursement plans have contributed to violations and daunting challenges.

By Mason Meadows, Vice President of Product Management |

There has been no shortage of articles circulating about connected cars lately, and for good reason. Analysts are predicting that by 2021, 380 million connected cars will be on the road. While most are thinking about how this shift is going to affect their personal lives, one area that is not being talked about is how the life of the mobile worker is going to change, and in return, how companies are going to have to adjust. Since many of us spend 40+ hours of our weeks at work, the rise of the connected car might affect our jobs more than we think.

By Mike Bassi, Director of Partnerships |

Here is what we know - Based on an article from the Wall Street Journal, 64% of companies with fewer than 100 employees record their expenses manually. Even when talking about companies with 1,000+ employees, a good amount (20%) use manual expense processes.