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Rising lemon prices may cut profits for kids’ summer plans

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Rising lemon prices may cut profits for kids’ summer plans

WATERFORD, Wis. – Runzheimer, a relocation and business vehicle data provider, recently performed their annual study based on their goods and services pricing. Runzheimer’s data showed that the average price of lemons is up over 18% from this same time last year. This significant year over year increase could take a bite out of profit margins, which may translate to a higher price point next time you stop at your neighborhood lemonade stand.

Runzheimer collects goods and services costs across the U.S. and Canada for the purposes of calculating living cost comparisons across locations. Such comparisons are used by organizations that relocate employees to new work sites, calculating cost-of-living allowances. Other organizations use Runzheimer’s data to create geographic salary differentials when creating competitive compensation strategies across labor markets.

The study includes prices from almost 100 communities across 65 major metropolitan areas.

The data collected includes a regional breakdown which demonstrates the change in prices based on specific regions of the country:

REGION 2016 2017 % Change
NORTHEAST $1.83 $2.07 13.1%
MIDWEST $1.71 $2.03 18.7%
SOUTH $1.47 $1.76 20.2%
WEST  $1.57 $1.88 19.4%

The northeast region of the U.S. experienced the smallest increase year over year (13.1%) while the south experienced the most significant increase (20.2%).

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