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How We Became a Leading Mobile Workforce Organization

Our History.

Runzheimer began with an idea—Rufus E. Runzheimer recognized that many employees were driving their personal vehicles for work and they needed a way to be fairly and accurately reimbursed for their mileage. Since our founding in 1933, Runzheimer has brought innovation and expertise to the market. Shortly after Rufus E. Runzheimer and Alvira T. Runzheimer started the company, the family-owned business grew to include four employees and forty clients. Since then Runzheimer has earned the reputation as the market leader in workforce mobility. 

In 1979, the IRS began using Runzheimer’s highly qualified business driving calculations. By 1990, we had become the IRS’s go-to source for fixed and variable rates for business vehicles. We were the first to market with a mileage capture mobile app. We were also the first in our industry to integrate with

All the while, Runzheimer has continued to adapt its offerings to fit the needs of the mobile workplace. Through our monitoring of the marketplace, we bring our customers market innovative services and best practices related to all aspects of employee mobility and mobile workforce management. This allows our clients to increase agility, reduce costs and amplify overall competitiveness.

Today, our product suite is focused on providing company car and business vehicle reimbursement, expense management, and corporate relocation services. We provide services that help organizations whose employees drive, travel, or relocate for work. Our deep experience in these areas, combined with one-of-a-kind benchmarking tools, uniquely positions us to serve a wide variety of clients.

Advances in technology are constantly changing the dynamics of the business marketplace. Expectations remain high for flexibility, responsiveness, quality, and value. For nearly eight decades, we have been committed to providing “fair, accurate, and defensible” products and services. These words have stood the test of time and are grounded in who we are and the commitment we make to every client.