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Company Car and Fleet Programs

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With company car (also known as fleet) programs, the employer purchases or leases vehicles to provide to its employees.  While fleet management solutions can offer several benefits, these may be offset by additional expenses, day-to-day vehicle management, billing, and paperwork. Furthermore, employees may use company cars for personal use which requires a solid understanding of true personal use to protect an organization from IRS scrutiny. Runzheimer’s company car program helps minimize the risks associated with a fleet program and maximizes your savings.

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  • Perceived as benefit
  • Control over vehicle types
  • Predictable lease costs

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  • Capital drain
  • Increased risk
  • Personal use cost accounting

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Runzheimer’s management of personal use can provide some benefits to your organization. One challenge can be ensuring that you are capturing an accurate representation of the personal use of the vehicle by your employees in order to create IRS-compliant mileage logs that substantiate mileage.

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Our fleet management solutions can assist you with a simplified mileage capture process to produce IRS-compliant mileage logs and ensure accurate personal use calculations. Often, organizations will have a need to utilize a combination of vehicle programs. 

Risk is an important factor to consider in any business vehicle program. Check out these important risk statistics to make the most informed decision.

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Working with Runzheimer, you have the ability to seamlessly transition your employees from one program to another as necessary, with a simplified change management process.

Runzheimer offers fleet management solutions that fit your needs as well as your employees’. Take the fleet program assessment to see how much you could save or contact us to evaluate the best approach for your organization.