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Meet the Runzheimer Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team.

David Olson

Vice President Product Development

Meet David Olson. He is bilingual. He speaks fluent IT and Business. In fact, for most of his 31-year professional career, he’s taken great pride in helping non-technical customers and employees understand how technology can be used to excel business performance. David began his career as a Systems Engineer for Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Over the next 20 years with EDS, and later Fiserv, David quickly excelled into an IT leadership role, but always considered himself a player/coach. As technology continued to advance, David and his team would work with customers to consult and build custom business solutions. David came to Runzheimer in 2008 to lead and build the newly formed product management function. Now, as the VP of IT, he leads a team dedicated to building and enhancing the next generation of technology for the mobile workforce. David received his degree in Computer Science and Economics from Northwestern College in Iowa. He and his wife currently reside in Wisconsin where they are both dedicated fans of youth sports – watching their five children. David’s favorite superhero is Captain Marvel - a boy who can transform into an adult with the powers of superhuman strength, speed and flight. Shazam!

Donna Koppensteiner

SVP Business Development

Inspirational, motivational and results-driven are all attributes that describe Donna. It’s no wonder she has spent her entire career in sales and sales management. From in-the-field sales to sales leadership positions, Donna has spent nearly 25 years growing sales revenue by double digits. She has a deep understanding of the mobility and technology market, leading high-performance teams at companies like Rand McNally, Comdisco, and DHL. At Runzheimer, Donna is responsible for all client-facing teams, including national sales, account management, and insight solutions. During her tenure, the team has secured and retained numerous F500 brands. She has a work ethic and energy that is absolutely contagious. Donna’s favorite superhero is the Silver Surfer. Why? Because he’s practically indestructible (and he’s rated as the most powerful superhero in many pop culture surveys.)

Heidi Skatrud

SVP, Operations and Product Management

During her more than 20 years at Runzheimer, Heidi has earned a reputation as an active problem solver and strategist. Heidi has led HR, strategic alliances, product development, and currently leads the operations and product management teams. She has become an expert on workplace mobility, representing Runzheimer at industry events. Heidi also believes in giving back. She currently holds a board member position for the University of Wisconsin Parkside Foundation and served as an advisor for the State of Wisconsin Forward Award. Go Badgers! Heidi received her Bachelor’s degree in marketing and HR and her Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin. Heidi resides in Wisconsin with her husband and two children. It’s no surprise that her favorite superhero is Yoda, who possesses infinite wisdom… and ages really well too!

Jim Petersen

Director Technology Services

Jim’s background in the IT industry spans more than 20 years and encompasses a wide variety of roles, including application development/architecture, business analysis, project management, enterprise applications, IT security and network infrastructure. Jim has been with Runzheimer for over 12 years and has a reputation of being a committed team player with strong communication skills and proven success in delivering projects that exceed customer expectations. Jim leads a highly qualified technology team that is committed to the performance, reliability, stability and security of Runzheimer’s technology platforms. Jim has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Management Computer Systems from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and has served as an examiner for the State of Wisconsin Forward Award. He was born and raised in Wisconsin where he currently lives with his wife and two sons. In addition to being an avid outdoorsman and fitness enthusiast, he’s the biggest fan of whatever sport his sons are currently playing. Jim’s favorite superhero is Mr. Incredible because of his ability to constantly balance the challenges of his job while always being there for his family (no cape required).

Randy Mueller


Randy has a history of leading high-performance teams that connect customers with innovative products and world-class service. His experience spans many industries including communications, information technology, enterprise software, government and education in companies such as Dell, HP, EDS, Ameritech, and the Education Corporation of America. Today, Randy is leading a 200+ person team at Runzheimer to deliver exceptional service and technologies designed for people who drive, travel, and relocate for work. He’s been a marketer,  strategist, CEO, and president. Regardless of role, Randy is the type of leader who creates an environment where passionate, smart people can succeed and thrive. Randy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from UW-Milwaukee, as well as an MBA from DePaul University in Corporate Finance, and is a Certified Public Accountant. He and his wife currently reside in Illinois and have two children. While not exactly in the realm of superheroes, Randy has an affinity for the Road Runner, whose swiftness continually outwits and frustrates Wile E. Coyote. Road Runner is never captured, always staying one step ahead. 

Sheryl Hopkins

SPHR, SVP of Human Resources

Want to meet a real go-getter? Meet Sheryl Hopkins. Sheryl has a background in human resources that spans 25 years, including large industrial companies such as Eaton, Actuant, and Chiquita, as well as professional services organizations such as DeLaRue Cash Systems. Sheryl and her team oversee all aspects of recruiting, employee relations, and engagement and learning. Sheryl is passionate about aligning the company’s talent strategy with the business strategy, ensuring we have the right talent to win. For the past eight years, she’s shared her HR wisdom with undergraduates as an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University. Sheryl received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and her Master’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Sheryl resides in Wisconsin with her husband and two sons and plays an active role in her church. She also serves as the treasurer for a local high school sports program. As a matter of fact, she happens to be the best bowler on the executive team. Sheryl doesn’t have a favorite superhero, so we picked one for her: Wonder Woman.