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Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Reimbursements - What You Need to Know

Fixed and Variable Rates - What You Need To Know

By David Olson, Vice President of Product Development |

Of all the types of vehicle reimbursement programs available to organizations, fixed and variable rate reimbursements tend to be the most confusing and complicated. However, this type of program has some major benefits that could benefit your organization in a big way. Check out the infographic to discover how Runzheimer's Fixed & Variable Rate (FAVR) program can protect your company from risk, while also saving costs. 

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Fixed & Variable Rate Mileage Reimbursements Infographic

About the Author

David is the Vice President of Product Development and has more than 8 years of Runzheimer business experience, along with more than 20 years of technology expertise in a variety of different industries. David is a true expert in the Runzheimer Business Vehicle line of services.