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Ebook: Top Trends Impacting Workforce Mobility in 2017 and Beyond

Top Trends Impacting Workforce Mobility in 2017 and Beyond

Across organizations today, it seems that the only constant is change. Technology innovation, new economic paradigms and shifting employee demographics are upending business as usual – and we’re only at the beginning.

Runzheimer, the leader in workforce mobility, set out to examine which forces will have the largest impact on organizations’ business vehicle, expense management and relocation efforts in the years to come, including:

  • Emerging vehicle technologies, from refinements in connected car solutions to the inevitable rise of autonomous driving
  • The challenge and opportunity of transforming business data into profitable intelligence
  • The on-demand economy’s implications for vehicle ownership and business travel
  • A wave of fluctuating employee demands, especially as four generations converge in the workforce

Runzheimer’s e-book, A Look at the Trends and Technologies Affecting Workforce Mobility in 2017 and Beyond, examines each of these trends and outlines key considerations for operations, finance and HR leaders alike. Fill out the form to download the full e-book.

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Founded in 1933, Runzheimer connects people, companies and their vehicles in ways that drive superior productivity and impactful business intelligence. We provide expertise, technology and world class customer service that empowers companies to move their businesses forward with confidence. As a result, our customers are able to better manage cost, reduce business risk and increase employee satisfaction in the mobile workplace.  Runzheimer is the leader in workforce mobility programs, designing and delivering business vehicle programs, relocation information services and business expense solutions. We are highly renowned and recognized for our market leading service delivery focus, an integral part of our corporate culture.

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