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Runzheimer Hosts First Customer Advisory Board

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Runzheimer Hosts First Customer Advisory Board

Runzheimer’s inaugural Customer Advisory Board successfully brought together 12 world-class companies to discuss their future strategy for the mobile workforce, emerging technologies in connected car and perspectives on the future of mobile applications for their business

WATERFORD, Wis. - Oct. 17, 2016 - Runzheimer, a business vehicle, relocation information, and expense management services provider, hosted its inaugural Customer Advisory Board exchange. The two-day event brought together a diverse group of 15 Runzheimer executive level customers from 12 world-class companies, including T-Mobile, FedEx and Crescent Crown, to share best practices, emerging technologies and new product strategy for Runzheimer.

The first day of the event included presentations on emerging trends impacting workforce mobility, autonomous vehicle and connected car technologies, big data analytics, and business vehicle market trends. Attendees participated in roundtable discussions on program successes, daily challenges and how attendees define program excellence. Day two consisted of a tour of the Runzheimer facility —allowing our customers to meet the different teams that provide day-to-day support.  Runzheimer also shared near-term and long-term product roadmaps and attendees discussed the impacts on their business today and in the future.

“Runzheimer has a reputation for being a trusted business partner and a company that always has its customer’s needs in mind,” says Neil Baier, vice president of finance at Crescent Crown. “We choose to work with Runzheimer because they are a partner that helps us execute our goals.”

Customer insights from the event will help guide Runzheimer’s next steps in product and program innovation. By addressing customer evolving needs with emerging trends in the mobile worker space, Runzheimer seeks to solve some of the top challenges for today’s business vehicle program executives. 

“Bringing all of our customers together and hearing their challenges, successes and ideas was such an enlightening and productive experience,” said Donna Koppensteiner-Reidy, senior vice president of business development at Runzheimer. “We solicit individual customer feedback nearly every day, but providing a forum where our customers can learn from us as well as each other is invaluable.”
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About Runzheimer

Runzheimer is the recognized leader in business vehicle technology and solutions mileage management, providing actionable insight into field workforce productivity. We are dedicated to offering innovative solutions that increase agility, reduce costs and improve satisfaction through fair, accurate and defensible™ vehicle reimbursement programs. Our technology produces data analytics that enable organizations to manage mobile workers through a streamlined process that eliminates excessive overhead costs. It is our mission to offer mobile technology and solutions that connect people, companies and their vehicles to drive superior productivity and valuable business intelligence.