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Whitepaper: Adapting to a Shifting Business Travel Landscape

Adapting to a Shifting Business Travel Landscape

Business Travel Whitepaper

Conventional business travel involves planes, hotel stays and restaurants. But with rising airfare, mounting hotel prices and surging per-diem costs, this traditional model of travel is becoming untenable for many companies. Faced with sky-high travel costs, business travel administrators are looking for ways to bring travel expenditures down while continuing to support a mobile workforce.

To adapt to the shifting business travel landscape, companies must strategically advance their approach to travel. Runzheimer’s latest white paper, Adapting to a Shifting Business Travel Landscape, discusses specific steps businesses should take to evolve their business travel programs including:

  • Implementing pre-trip authorization processes
  • Swapping out flights for car travel when possible
  • Better integrating cost-cutting technology like virtual conferencing solutions and mileage trackers

In addition, the paper examines the emergence of sharing economy services specifically tailored to business travel – and how companies can best capitalize on these services to cut costs while ensuring employee safety. Fill out the form and get the full whitepaper.

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