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Mileage Capture App Top-Rated for Enterprise Business Customers

Press Release.


Runzheimer's Equo™ is the Top-Rated Mileage Capture App for Enterprise Business Customers

Runzheimer's Equo recognized as the industry leader for mileage reimbursement through unmatched accuracy and user ratings

WATERFORD, Wis. - Nov. 3, 2016 - Runzheimer, a business vehicle, relocation information, and expense management services provider, announces its automated mileage capture and reporting tool Equo™ is the top-rated app of its kind in the industry, based on user ratings. 

Runzheimer, the first company to market with a mobile mileage capture application, is consistently innovating through mobile technology to meet the needs of the today’s changing workforce. When tested against other mileage capture apps, Equo had the highest accuracy rating, beating some other mileage capture applications by more than 25 percent.

Through Equo, employees can capture, edit and submit business miles directly from a mobile device. Equo automatically categorizes a trip as either a business or personal expense and captures miles regardless of cellular data connectivity. Since every company is different, Equo offers the flexibility to support multiple business vehicle reimbursement programs, from cents-per-mile (CPM) to fixed and variable rate (FAVR) and fleet. The mileage capture tool gives users and their businesses more visibility into business driving than any other program in the space. 

“We’re ecstatic that users rated their experience with Equo so highly, however, we are not surprised,” said Runzheimer President Randy Mueller.  “We regularly conduct usability studies with our customers and our release schedule ensures we are meeting the current and future demands of the mobile workforce.”

Equo was built to streamline the mileage capture and reimbursement process, making it easy for organizations to manage business driving costs. Automated reporting ensures total compliance with IRS requirements around business mileage records.

“Almost half of today’s employees are mobile in some form, and businesses need tools that reduce risk, costs and liability, all while making life easier for the mobile worker,” said Donna Koppensteiner, senior vice president of business development. “Our recent ratings are a great indicator that we are leading in this space.”

Equo is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Users must be part of a current Runzheimer business vehicle program.

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About Runzheimer

Runzheimer is the recognized leader in business vehicle technology and solutions mileage management, providing actionable insight into field workforce productivity. We are dedicated to offering innovative solutions that increase agility, reduce costs and improve satisfaction through fair, accurate and defensible™ vehicle reimbursement programs. Our technology produces data analytics that enable organizations to manage mobile workers through a streamlined process that eliminates excessive overhead costs. It is our mission to offer mobile technology and solutions that connect people, companies and their vehicles to drive superior productivity and valuable business intelligence.