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Why Choose Runzheimer for Your Mobile Workforce Solutions

Why Runzheimer.

For business vehicle programs, business expense management and relocation information services, no one comes close to matching Runzheimer’s mobile workforce solutions. But what makes us different?



Superior customer service is the foundation of our business. No one works harder or more consistently than Runzheimer to satisfy customers.


We offer a seamlessly integrated mobile-centric experience in order to deliver higher employee productivity and actionable business intelligence.


We have more than 80 years of experience in business vehicle services, ensuring fair, accurate and defensible™ reimbursement programs.



These three pillars allow us to service our 1,100 customers and over 150,000 participants in our programs



When your company partners with Runzheimer, you benefit from our consultative program assessment process, flexible program design, leading implementation, change management and customer care, training and support services. A mobile app, full system integration, and our easy-to-use cloud management platform ensure that you’ll have the latest technology on your side. Our unmatched expertise allows us to create and manage flexible programs tailored for your business, increased visibility, and highly accurate cost forecasting.


Our Travel Cost Benchmarking is the most accurate and objective business travel cost data available in the industry. We provide access to the industry's most accurate and objective cost benchmarking information, plus web-based management tools, and industry best-practice and survey reports. Runzheimer partners with leading expense management providers, like Concur Expense, to provide seamless experiences in managing both vehicle mileage and travel expense capture, reimbursement and reporting. 


Runzheimer Relocation Information Services can provide you with all the data you need to prepare for any employee relocation. Our consultants are trained to guide you to the most applicable research and answer any questions about our reports. Our dynamic data gathering makes us the most trusted source for comprehensive and up-to-date cost-of-living information about relocations. And no one has more experience making sense of complicated relocation issues and objectives and calculating the optimal solution than Runzheimer.

Runzheimer is the leader in workforce mobility programs, empowering our customers and their employees to move forward with confidence. We Work Where You Work®.


Customer Advisory Board

Runzheimer’s inaugural Customer Advisory Board successfully brought together 12 world-class companies to discuss their future strategy for the mobile workforce, emerging technologies in connected car and perspectives on the future of mobile applications for their business.


Partners for Excellence Seminars

Runzheimer University hosts regular customer events for administrators of our vehicle reimbursement programs. Partners for Excellence Seminars are focused on additional education, workshop activities, networking opportunities, and learning what's new with Runzheimer. Customers that are new to administering the Runzheimer Program or are seeking to maximize their program effectiveness with best practices can take advantage of these extremely valuable in-person sessions.

What attendees have said:

"The seminar was really great, honestly. Sometimes seminars aren't all they are cracked up to be, but this was awesome. I learned a lot and now I feel more confident about working with this program!"

"The conference was well organized and as is the case with everything they do, showed a clear commitment by Runzheimer employees to their customers."

"I was skeptical of the benefit going into the conference by committing to the necessary time for being away from the office. However, I took away 11 action items from the sessions, in addition to the many questions answered and other discussion topics from within the conference. It was surprisingly well worth the investment of time and money."

"It has shown me what I should be looking for as an administrator. It will help me optimize our companies experience with Runzheimer to provide the most cost efficient way to reimburse our employees."