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Cost-of-Living Allowances: Strategies for Relocation Success

Cost-of-Living Allowances.

Top talent doesn’t always reside in your backyard. To hire the best people for the job, many companies find it necessary to broaden their searches – which means potentially costly relocations.

In today’s global marketplace, many organizations face the same four-fold struggle: attract top talent, get the right talent in the right places, and maintain a high level of employee satisfaction – all with an eye toward controlling cost. The current generation of workers is less inclined to stay employed at the same company for a significant length of time and many companies are not organizationally strong enough to support the rate of career development these employees demand.

This generation of “millennials” is far more willing than previous generations to relocate. According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index, 85% of millennials say they would be willing to move for the right job. With the stakes high and employee satisfaction expectations higher than ever, business leaders must re-tune their decision models to ensure fair and attractive relocation packages.

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