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It’s a mobile world. Over 40% of workers drive for business, travel, work off-site, or relocate. In the Mobile Workforce Blog, you will learn strategies and insights to successfully manage your mobile workforce. This blog is a resource to help you take control of expenses, optimize agility and increase employee satisfaction.

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Wellness on the Road: Sleep

Introducing our new Blog Series:

Be Mobile, Be Healthy-
Wellness on the Road—Tips for Helping Your Mobile Workers Be Optimally Healthy & Productive

Part 1 of this series features a piece on sleep from guest blogger and lifestyle trainer, Marcey Rader.

By Marcey Rader

Mileage Log Audits

Conducting a mileage log audit is the only way to know if you are properly substantiating business miles driven by employees in their own vehicles.

By David Olson

Unlicensed Transportation & Your Travel Policy

Runzheimer International CEO, Greg Harper, shares his thoughts on how emerging technology trends in ground transportation impact your organization's travel policy.

By Greg Harper

Perfecting the Personal Use Policy

David Olson shares some important points to consider when developing your policy on the personal use of fleet vehicles.

By David Olson

Four Key Reasons to Outsource your Business Vehicle Program Management

As the number of mobile employees continues to grow, one obvious area to streamline and create efficiencies is within the mobile workforce, specifically those who drive for company business.

By Meghan Peterson

Improve Sales Productivity and Maximize Your® Investment with Mobile Apps

Today’s top mobile applications are integrating with the industry leading CRM,®. How can mobile applications translate into sales growth and productivity?

By David Olson

Reach Compliance with The Sunshine Act

An automated expense solution will make achieving compliance with The Sunshine Act easy and accurate. Find out the steps you can take to be compliant.

By Austin Klein

Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Reimbursement: Fair and Accurate

Choosing a fixed and variable rate (FAVR) plan for reimbursing business drivers offers advantages and cost-saving opportunities. See more in this infographic.

By Donna Koppensteiner

Cents-per-Mile Reimbursements: Overpaying or Underpaying?

Cents-per-mile reimbursement programs offer all drivers a common reimbursement rate, an approach that seems fair at first but has several disadvantages.

By Donna Koppensteiner

Flat Car Allowances: What’s the Right Amount?

Car allowance programs offer employees a set monthly payment to use toward vehicle-related expenses. This post explains the pros and cons of such programs.

By Donna Koppensteiner

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