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Benchmark Your Workforce Mobility for Success

by Greg Harper

Employee mobility continues to evolve and is an ever critical component to competitive advantage and company growth.  In our last Total Employee Mobility® Benchmarking Survey, we found a direct correlation between higher investment in employee mobility and higher organizational growth.  High growth organizations – growing 10% or more annually – invested an average of $12,352 per mobile employee, while lower growth companies – growing 1% or less annually - invested an average of $7,830 per mobile employee.  This highlights the importance of expanding workforce mobility.
However, the challenges of an expanding mobile workforce need to be carefully monitored and managed.  For example, we know how important technology is to helping mobile workers access their work wherever they are.  Complications are arising from a tide of mobile devices that are moving faster than the organization’s ability to manage them among their workforce.  How does the organization take advantage of the opportunities brought about from mobile devices and apps without compromising security, employee privacy and satisfaction?  This is a theme we will continue to benchmark and monitor.
In addition to policy concerns, cost and efficiency are always in the periphery for organizational leaders.  As policies continue to evolve to accommodate needs from the mobile workforce, one way to understand how your organization stacks up is to benchmark your company policy, investment and outcomes against others.  Runzheimer International offers a unique opportunity to do this by participating in its Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Survey.
The TEM® Benchmarking Survey can help measure the cost and effectiveness of your mobile employees and mobility programs.  The information can help you identify best practices in mobility cost management and uncover opportunities for improvement.  If you want to know how your programs measure up to industry peers, we invite you to take the survey and review your own custom benchmark report.
Since 2005, we have been formally measuring the effectiveness of mobility programs for everything from business vehicles and business travel to domestic relocation and mobile device management with our TEM Benchmarking Survey.  Are you ready to assess your employee mobility program?  Take part in our eighth annual TEM Survey today and maximize the opportunity of your mobile workforce.  Benchmark your mobility investment now!

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