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Runzheimer Launches Equo™ on the Salesforce AppExchange | Runzheimer

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Runzheimer Launches Equo™ on the Salesforce AppExchange

Equo™ Integration Provides Mileage Capture, Trip Verification, Business Intelligence 

WATERFORD, Wis. – June 20, 2017 – Runzheimer, a leading business vehicle technology and solutions provider, announced its award-winning mileage capture app, Equo™, is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Equo offers Runzheimer enterprise customers and AppExchange users an in-depth view into field intelligence for business drivers and administrators.

“Automation is changing how the enterprise does business, and Runzheimer’s automated mileage capture technology is just the beginning,” said Andrew Zavattero, vice president of mobile solutions at Runzheimer. “Equo on the Salesforce AppExchange seamlessly integrates your trip data and provides incredible insight and visibility into the day-to-day activities of your workforce.”

Equo allows enterprise business travelers to record accurate business mileage and create an IRS-compliant mileage log. Equo integration with Salesforce allows employees to capture, edit and submit business mileage directly from their mobile device to the Salesforce platform.

Now companies can verify activity and gain an understanding of location-based performance to identify territory patterns and understand productive time vs. windshield time. The integration can result in better territory planning, management and growth, and increased adoption of

Additional Features:

  • Mapping and planning tools to visualize and geolocate customers and prospects
  • Trip-linking technology automatically creates and verifies an “onsite visit” task within activity history for any existing account, contact, or lead location in Salesforce
  • Real-time analytics such as planned vs actual visits, miles driven, start/stop locations, and time on site by date, by driver, or by location

“Runzheimer is committed to providing technology and solutions that meet the needs of our customers and fully integrate into our clients’ systems and processes,” says Zavattero.

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