Total Employee Mobility - A Strategic Priority for Growing Companies

Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Report
Our latest Total Employee Mobility® (TEM®) Benchmarking Survey shows that a third of your employees are mobile, meaning they:
  • Relocate
  • Travel
  • Drive
  • Telecommute
  • Use mobile devices to conduct business
Through the management approach of Total Employee Mobility, your organization may be able to improve the bottom-line performance of your mobile workforce. The TEM approach allows you to manage your mobility programs holistically and strategically.

As a program, mobility costs rival that of healthcare, yet few organizations look at mobility with a universal approach. Through our unique Total Employee Mobility lens we provide companies expert guidance, business case analysis, implementation assistance, plus best-practices programs and tools to help them gain competitive, operational and bottom-line improvements.

Let Runzheimer help measure your mobile program efficiency and compare your results to the best practice leaders. Learn how to receive a copy of our Total Employee Mobility benchmark report to begin comparing your programs to your best-practice peers.

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Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Report
If your organization would like to the monitor efficiency and productivity for your mobile employees, our Total Employee Mobility Benchmark Survey can help you:

•  Measure your mobile programs
•  Identify opportunities for improvement
•  Implement programs that optimize employee mobility

The TEM Benchmark Survey has been measuring effectiveness of mobility programs for hundreds of companies since 2005 by collecting data on cost and time investment related to employee mobility programs such as travel, business vehicle expenses, relocation, and mobile device management. If you want to measure your current effectiveness, we invite you to participate in the survey AT NO COST and benchmark your own programs against industry averages to discover opportunities to save time and money.

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Latest Survey Results Are In!
The results of our 8th Annual TEM Benchmarking Report are in! Key findings continue to reinforce the value of solid policies, the ongoing importance of the governance of mobility programs and the impact the investment in mobile workers has on your organizations growth.

Get expert tips and improve the performance of your mobile workforce by watching an on-demand webinar with the latest employee mobility benchmarks and trends from our recent TEM survey.

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View a snapshot of one of the main findings of this year’s report to see how investing in mobile employees correlates to positive revenue growth.

Investment in Growth TEM Snapshot

Do you want to see how your organization’s mobile policies stack up against other companies in your industry?
Request this year's benchmarking report and sign up to participate in our 9th Annual TEM Benchmarking Survey!

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