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Business Vehicles Program OverviewAs the leader and pioneer in non-taxable business vehicle reimbursement plans, our flexible and scalable business vehicle services have been successfully implemented by thousands of companies of all sizes and industries as an alternative to company-provided vehicles, flat car allowances, or other internally developed programs. Our nearly 80 years of experience and leading technology allow us to easily tailor and implement a business vehicle program that meets your business objectives.

An accurate, fair, and defensible business vehicle program is the foundation of all our solutions. Business vehicle plans are created to reflect each employee’s real-world fixed and variable business driving costs, giving you and your employees confidence that payments are aligned with true expense and comply with all applicable Internal Revenue Service procedures.

Our application platform makes it easy for you and easy for your employees. We provide simple, yet powerful tools to minimize program administration and provide visibility to achieve maximum program results, including:
  • Simple management dashboard and comprehensive reporting
  • Online document storage and retrieval
  • Industry-standard integration options
  • World-class customer care center
We provide a complete set of business vehicle services to effectively and efficiently manage your vehicle program:
  • Outsourced program management
  • Automated mileage tracking
  • Direct deposit payments
  • Compliance and policy testing
  • Motor vehicle record and background checks
To learn more about Runzheimer's Business Vehicle Services and see how much you could save on employees who drive for business, get a free business vehicle program assessment in 10 minutes or less.

Why Choose Us

"After implementing The Runzheimer Plan, we went from using one full-time employee to manage our vehicle program to having an employee spend just a few hours per month."

—Diana Monaco, Senior Compensation Manager
    The Children's Place Retail Stores, Inc.