Mobile application for route planning, expense tracking and automatic mileage log

Runzheimer Mobile™ is a mobile field productivity app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that helps sales and service teams manage daily activities and optimize their time on the road. Runzheimer Mobile lets you:
  • Build and manage daily itineraries and routes
  • Automatically log trips and miles driven
  • Capture expenses and receipts on the go
  • Access CRM records in the field
  • Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce™
Runzheimer Mobile can also monitor in-field activity in real-time, providing insight into reps’ daily travel behavior and trip costs. This helps with territory planning for optimal deployment and productivity.

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Salesforce IntegrationIntegrates with Salesforce
Runzheimer Mobile for Salesforce provides mobile users the ability to access Salesforce data via smartphone in the field and log information directly into Salesforce. On the road, field sales and service teams can use Runzheimer Mobile to conduct map-based searches to plan routes and build itineraries on-the-fly, seamlessly accessing Salesforce data and using Accounts, Contacts, Leads or Opportunities as itinerary stops. For managers, reps’ trip data provides increased visibility into planned versus actual field activity – use the data to optimize territory planning plus gain visibility into driver behaviors and trip costs.

With Runzheimer Mobile for Salesforce, you can:

  • Salesforce AppExchange PartnerMaximize appointments with map-based searches of your Salesforce Leads and Contacts around your location
  • Plan appointments and routes online or directly from the mobile app
  • Automatically capture mileage, trip details and activities, transferring directly into Salesforce
  • Capture notes and associate with activities, transferring directly into Salesforce
  • Capture expenses and receipts, on the go
  • Ensure accurate expense and mileage reporting

Personal Use Reporting

Woman with Groceries in CarThe personal use of a company car is considered a fringe benefit by the IRS – and is taxable income. Runzheimer Mobile can help organizations with fleet vehicles gain IRS compliance in personal use reporting while maximizing mobile worker efficiency.
  • Automatically create a mileage log of business trips and be able to validate personal use
  • Collect and aggregate proper documentation
  • Ensure appropriate taxation without placing administrative burden on your employees
Get a clear and accurate picture of your drivers’ personal use and avoid unnecessary tax consequences.

Itinerary PlanningProactively Plan Itineraries

Mobile workers can interact with and update their Runzheimer Mobile itineraries in real-time while in the field. Itinerary planning can be done online or directly from the mobile app. In addition, mobile workers can:

•  Receive pre-planned routes from their CRM
•  Create their own itineraries on-the-fly
•  Replicate historical itineraries

Mobile employees also have access to their CRM client contacts while on the road with one-touch call, text or email capabilities.  Runzheimer Mobile also allows mobile employees to set reminders and follow-up tasks while collecting client-specific data and transferring that back to the CRM.

Automatic Mileage Log
Automatic Mileage Collection
When on the road, Runzheimer Mobile shows itinerary and turn-by turn navigation to stops. To increase mobile worker productivity, Runzheimer Mobile gives mobile workers the ability to log their miles automatically and see historical trips.

Reps no longer need to manually track mileage since the app automatically tracks trips and miles, and sends a highly accurate trip log to a rep’s personal web to review and submit for reimbursement.

Expensive CaptureCapture Expenses
Runzheimer Mobile gives mobile workers the ability to enter their expenses real-time and capture receipt images with their mobile device’s camera. In addition, the expense capture feature allows your organization to:

•  Collect cost-of-sale/service information in real-time
•  Upload and store receipt images
•  Integrate into your existing expense reporting system with standard APIs

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence Dashboard
Our robust dashboard helps managers determine if field reps are in the right place at the right time, more effectively manage territories to reduce costs, and enable sales and service reps to be more productive and successful in the field. No longer do you have to compile and do your own manipulations; our dashboard gives you the tools.


Access ContactsAccess Contacts
Runzheimer Mobile provides users access to Salesforce or other CRM data via smartphone in the field. Reps can access CRM accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities from the mobile app along with one-touch calling to stay in touch en route. Contact details can be updated or captured on-the-go, and the data is directly transferred back into the CRM.

Location-Aware SearchesLocation-Aware Searches
If there is a change in plans or a lull in activity, reps can maximize appointments by using Runzheimer Mobile to instantly locate nearby accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities from Salesforce or another CRM – plus, new stops can be added to their itinerary on the fly.

Capturing notes right after a meeting is critical. Runzheimer Mobile makes it quick and easy to capture notes that automatically transfer to an account, lead, contact or opportunity within your CRM.


Runzheimer Mobile can significantly improve the field productivity of your mobile team.
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