Travel Cost Management Made Easy with SmartTrip

You have smart employees. Empower them to make smart business travel decisions. SmartTrip is an easy-to-use, web-based system that gives business travelers the information they need to book trips the way they want, while still controlling travel costs with benchmark data and personal incentives.

SmartTrip can help your company improve business travel cost management by:
  • Showing costs up front —enter trip information and estimated costs will be calculated using industry-leading travel benchmarks
  • Eliminating complex travel policy—travelers use their preferred booking methods and compare their trips to the calculated benchmark
  • Calculating savings—SmartTrip will measure the difference between actual expenses and benchmarks to demonstrate and reward actual savings
SmartTrip seamlessly integrates with our Expense Source travel expense management system or we can work with your existing expense management vendor.

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Why Choose Us

Our significant expertise in business travel cost management
and policy development positions us as the leader to help you
save 5%-15% compared to your typical travel program.

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