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Runzheimer History

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The History of Runzheimer

The Journey To Now


The Starting Line

Runzheimer’s commitment to providing fair, accurate, and defensible products began in 1933 when Rufus E. Runzheimer realized that employees driving their personal vehicles for work weren’t being properly reimbursed. That family-owned business soon grew from 40 clients in 1940 to over 1,100 clients today, while continuing to care about its employees and being awarded a 2017 Top Workplaces honor by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Rufus Runzheimer
Groundbreaking Runzheimer HQ


Pursuing Innovation

The leader in business vehicle technology and solutions mileage management, Runzheimer’s constant pursuit of innovation took many forms, from car cost figures adopted by AAA in 1939 to the first in-house data processing department in 1973, from inventing the Fixed and Variable Rate program in 1990 to the first to market mobile mileage capture app in 2010. Informed by internally collected data, Runzheimer first began helping the IRS calculate the “safe harbor rate” for business driving in 1979 and currently continues to do so.

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Moving Confidently Forward

Built on data with a purpose, Runzheimer offers mobile technology and solutions that connect people, companies, and their vehicles to drive superior productivity and valuable business intelligence. Today, Runzheimer’s application of technology to mileage capture has broadened offerings, shaping business vehicle programs beyond accurate mileage reimbursements. Equo®, a platform that provides participants and management with precise mileage logs, has adapted to current market needs, sharing actionable insights on business vehicle intelligence to improve company programs.

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