Isolated Post

Attract Talent to Remote Locations


Compensation programs can be complex to establish and manage. When employees are resistant to relocate to remote worksites, it is often due to qualitative issues such as the availability of goods and medical services, lack of entertainment, harsh weather conditions and other concerns. Your compensation package must facilitate movement in and out of these locations. Runzheimer’s Isolated Post report compares qualitative aspects of worksites to a base location including information on:

  • The isolation and accessibility of the location
  • Quality of life elements such as climate, crime, population density
  • Availability of goods and services, education, social activities, medical care, etc.

How It Works

Runzheimer’s Isolated Post report enhances your compensation program by providing information that measures the difficulty of living in remote worksites. This allows you to create mobility premiums that can be offered in addition to salary as an incentive to work in an isolated site. Data is available for any location in the U.S. and Canada and locations are ranked and compared to a common base, such as your headquarters location.

  • Decide which worksites to include in the analysis and define a common base location
  • Choose the components and weightings to include in the analysis
  • We calculate the comparisons of these qualitative elements using our proprietary data and methodology
  • The report is delivered, providing a detailed breakdown and ranking of locations based on difficulty
  • Establish an appropriate scale to develop mobility premiums
  • Assign each location an appropriate premium based on the scale and the ranking
  • Pay the mobility premium to employees working in qualified locations