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Living Cost Standards Report

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Living Cost Standards

Strengthen Your Compensation Program


Enhance Your Cost of Labor Data


Compensation programs can be complex to establish and manage.  Your compensation structure must facilitate recruitment, retention, and equity across geographically dispersed worksites.  Runzheimer’s Living Cost Standards report is designed to address differences in employee purchasing power across multiple work locations.  This report includes costs for:

  • Housing (Homeowner/Renter)
  • Transportation
  • Income Taxes
  • Goods and Services


How It Works

Runzheimer’s Living Cost Standards report enhances your cost-of-labor data by providing cost-of-living comparisons to develop defensible geographic salary differentials.  Data includes a complete living cost analysis for any location in the U.S. and Canada.  Locations are ranked by index and living cost component and are compared to a common location, such as your headquarters.

  • Provide specific parameters such as salary, family size, and locations
  • We calculate living costs compared to base location using our proprietary data and methodology
  • The report is delivered, providing a detailed breakdown and ranking of locations
  • Geographic salary differentials can be created and paid to all employees working in qualified locations

Want to enhance your compensation program?


Going Beyond

Accurately comparing purchasing power across your geographically dispersed worksites to enhance your compensation program is critical to an organization’s ability to attract, retain and move talent across worksites.  Additional products include: