Lump Sum Allowance

Increase Flexibility - Control Costs

Allowances In Lieu Of Cumbersome Reimbursement Processes

Relocation can be stressful for you and your employee. Providing an upfront allowance eliminates expense reporting, tracking, and exception approvals while still keeping costs within budget and allowing your transferee the flexibility to determine how best to use the funds. Runzheimer’s Lump Sum Allowance service calculates the Home Finding, Temporary Living, and Final Move costs for any international or domestic move, taking into account:

  • Company policy
  • Family size
  • Salary (if applicable)
  • Distance
  • Geographic costs


Runzheimer’s Lump Sum Allowances provides a fair and consistent approach to calculating costs associated with the relocation. This simplifies and improves budgeting, eliminates cumbersome reimbursement processes, and reduces exception requests. Employees receive the funds upfront and have the power to control how they are used.

  • Use our web-based service to enter in specific parameters such as family size, worksites, and policy
  • We calculate the allowances using our proprietary methodology
  • The report is delivered real-time, providing a detailed breakdown
  • If desired, household goods shipment costs can be estimated, along with a variety of other customer-specific allowances.
  • Use this report for budgeting purposes as well as to calculate allowances for home finding, temporary living, final move, home/R&R leave, household goods, and other related expenses.
Allowance Report Detail