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Runzheimer Revitalizes Brand, Website, and Refocuses Product Offerings

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Runzheimer Revitalizes Brand, Launches New Site, and Refocuses Product Offerings

Respected business vehicle, relocation information services, and expense management solutions company with more than 80 years of history invests in technological advancement, business transformation for new strategic direction

Waterford, WI. – December 15, 2015 – Runzheimer today launched a revitalized company brand to focus on its core business products of business vehicle programs, relocation information services, and expense management solutions. 

Through decades of working closely with customers to help them better manage mobile employees, Runzheimer has built a reputation for deep industry expertise, integrated technology, and exceptional customer service. After appointing a new president earlier this year, Runzheimer renewed its commitment to staying ahead of the rapid pace of technological evolution and increasingly complex demands facing human resources, finance, procurement and operations departments.

“We have extremely engaged and passionate employees and customers,” said Randy Mueller, President. “When I came on as president, it was obvious to me that the best way to lead this passionate team was to hear from our employees what they believed made the company innovative and great.”

Over the next eight months, Runzheimer conducted employee, customer, and program participant surveys that heavily informed the company's strategic direction for 2016 and beyond. The revitalized brand represents the company’s commitment to connecting people, companies and their vehicles in ways that drive superior productivity and impactful business intelligence; fulfilling the promise “we work where you work.” 

Going forward, the company will channel energy into strengthening its expertise and delivery of service in its three categories. Business vehicle reimbursement programs give businesses visibility and control over fleet spend or personal vehicle reimbursement through right-sized programs that account for IRS regulations, regional cost differences, and liability concerns. Expense management solutions free employees from manually managing travel, meals, rental and other out of office expenses through mobile software and services. Relocation information services give businesses all the information they need to fairly and accurately provide housing and moving allowances for new and relocating talent without sacrificing company culture or policies. 

“We invented this industry with unprecedented innovation and a desire to propel businesses forward,” said Mueller. “I’m proud to say that we have a highly motivated and creative team carrying us confidently forward and holding us to the highest standard possible.”

Runzheimer’s new site is now live. To learn more about the company’s transformation and business services, visit

About Runzheimer

Founded in 1933, Runzheimer connects people, companies and their vehicles in ways that drive superior productivity and impactful business intelligence. We provide expertise, technology and world class customer service that empowers companies to move their businesses forward with confidence. As a result, our customers are able to better manage cost, reduce business risk and increase employee satisfaction in the mobile workplace. Runzheimer is the leader in workforce mobility programs, designing and delivering fair, accurate and defensible™ business vehicle programs, relocation information services and business expense solutions. We are highly renowned and recognized for our market leading service delivery focus, an integral part of our corporate culture.