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Runzheimer Launches Equo for a Customized Mileage Capture Experience

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Runzheimer Launches Equo for a Customized Mileage Capture Experience

Equo offers Runzheimer users automatic trip capture and mile submission for user-friendly interaction

WATERFORD, Wis. – March 31, 2016 – Runzheimer, a business vehicle, relocation information and expense management services provider, announced today the release of its new app, Equo™; a mile capture app available to Runzheimer enterprise customers.

Through Equo, employees can capture, edit and submit business miles directly from a mobile device, and the app has capabilities for automatic or manual trip capture. Miles are displayed through a user-friendly, modern interface so business drivers can easily review, edit and submit their miles for reimbursement.

"Equo is a major development for Runzheimer, and we’re excited to provide our clients with a seamless mileage capture experience,” said Runzheimer President Randy Mueller. “We are giving our customers full control of mileage management, so they can interact with our app as much or as little as they want."

Equo can automatically categorize a trip as either a business or personal expense, and it captures miles regardless of cellular data connectivity. Automatic trip detection assures that employees will never miss a mile, even if they forget to start capturing mileage.

Runzheimer conducted usability studies with current customers to determine new features that went into Equo’s development. With a user-validated design and sophisticated underlying platform, Equo offers customers a personalized experience where engagement is based on preference.

"The technology and design behind Equo is unprecedented in this industry,” said Matt DeWolf, Director of Product Innovation at Runzheimer. “We are delivering a truly frictionless experience to our clients. We understand that our clients are busy, so our goal is to make mileage capture and reporting as simple and effortless as possible."

Equo is available for iOS and Android for current Runzheimer enterprise customers.  For information about Equo, visit

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