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Runzheimer Releases 10th Annual Mobility Benchmark Report | Runzheimer

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Runzheimer Releases 10th Annual Mobility Benchmark Report

Runzheimer sheds light on the financial and operational factors shaping mobility management in its annual benchmark study

WATERFORD, Wis. - August 2, 2016 -  Runzheimer, a business vehicle, relocation information, and expense management services provider, recently released its 10th Annual Mobility Benchmark Report, which delves into how companies manage the policies, processes and programs involved in business vehicle, travel and expense, and relocation programs.

The report takes a closer look into workforce mobility programs, with particular focus on financial, operational and program-specific data points, offering companies insight into common organizational practices across multiple industries.

“Our hope is to help organizations understand the key drivers that are impacting workforce mobility programs each year,” said Runzheimer President Randy Mueller. “For companies to improve the visibility into existing workforce mobility programs, organizations need to increase efficiency through the use of automation and technology.”

Key findings from Runzheimer’s 10th Annual Mobility Benchmark Survey include:

  • Almost half (46%) of organizations do not verify that employees who drive for business purposes have proper insurance policies. 
  • The move to mobile apps continues and managing travel and expense receipts is a top priority. Yet 48 percent of organizations rely on a manual business mileage entry process.
  • Relocation policies continue to provide more generous packages to executives and existing employees versus new hires.

The study also explores current automatization trends that are impacting the enterprise, such as online booking services. For example, the study found that 75 percent of participants automate some part of their travel and expense programs.

To read the full “Mobility Benchmark” report, visit

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