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Runzheimer Selects We Work Where You Work® Contest Winner

Press Release.


Runzheimer Selects We Work Where You Work® Contest Winner

Runzheimer awards a $2,000 gas card to the winner of its #WhereIWork selfie contest 

WATERFORD, Wis. - Sept. 12, 2016 -  Runzheimer, a business vehicle, relocation information, and expense management services provider, named Elizabeth “E” Griffin the winner of its first ever We Work Where You Work® Contest. 

Runzheimer asked contestants to submit a selfie at their respective workplaces through social media, with the hashtag #WhereIWork. Runzheimer selected the most creative selfie, offering the winner a $2,000 gas card. 

“We are very excited to award Mrs. Griffin with the gas card,” said Runzheimer President Randy Mueller. “At Runzheimer, we serve employees across a wide range of industries, and the contest was a delightful window into so many workers’ daily lives.”

Griffin, who currently lives in Southern California, works as a Wrangler at a ranch in Thayne, Wyo. half of the year. Her #WhereIWork selfie was taken on horseback as she led guests through a trail ride at the ranch.

“I am ecstatic to win the gas card!” said Griffin. “My drive from Southern California to the ranch is about 18-hours, and my poor car has the miles and bruises to prove just how many trips it's made there and back.”

Griffin dreams to one day own a ranch and introduce equestrian to special needs children for developmental and healing purposes.

About Runzheimer

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