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Equo Payment

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Mileage reimbursement payment management


Payment Made Easy

The majority of clients who work with Runzheimer entrust us to manage the entire payment process, including directly reimbursing employees for their vehicle expenses. This turnkey service, Equo Payment, ensures that employees are reimbursed accurately, on time, and that questions surrounding payment are handled by Runzheimer’s world-class customer care team.


Let Us Handle Everything

Our solution is simple. We gather the reimbursement information, have you review and approve it, and send us funds electronically. Then based on employee preference, we make electronic reimbursements directly to your employees’ checking or savings accounts or we send a physical check. And should your mobile workers have questions, our Customer Care team is ready to answer them! In short, we manage everything.

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Going Beyond

The most difficult piece of your business vehicle program should not be the reimbursement of your drivers. Reduce administrative work with our Equo Payment service and additional solutions like: