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Equo Analytics - Actionable Mobile Workforce Data

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Actionable insights from mobile workforce data


It's All in the Numbers

Data collection is essential to any company’s future. To stay ahead, companies need every advantage they can take. Mobile workforce data is no different. Equo Analytics does more than collect data; it helps companies find the actionable insights needed to solve challenges they may or may not have been aware of. Business intelligence is the basis of:

  • Business and industry trends
  • Best practice implementation


Data with a Purpose

Through Runzheimer’s new, interactive analytics platform, you can harness the information from your vehicle program to make more informed business decisions. With information uploaded directly from the Equo application, there’s no need to graph, export, or pivot data. Equo Analytics gives you side-by-side metrics on:

  • Employee mileage
  • Compliance
  • Overall performance
  • Reimbursement amounts
  • Driver expenses
  • Changes specific to department, region, and more

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Going Beyond

Your company’s future depends on the actionable data that informs your decisions. Runzheimer goes beyond comparison metrics; we help companies find the path to a successful future. Additional products include: