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Equo Mileage Capture - Automated Mileage Tracking App

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Automated mileage tracking with IRS-compliant mileage logs

Your Mileage Receipt

Your Mileage Receipt™

Mileage capture is an essential piece of any business vehicle program. Whether on a Mileage Reimbursement, FAVR, Company Car, or Car Allowance program, employees driving for business purposes must keep accurate records of business driving. Runzheimer’s Equo Mileage Capture app ensures a fair mileage reimbursement and logs mileage in IRS-compliant receipts. Companies stand to benefit from automated mileage capture in three major ways:

  • Liability: automated mileage logs provide IRS-compliant business driving records
  • Productivity: automated mileage tracking reduces administrative burden by up to 84 percent when compared with manual mileage logging
  • Savings: organizations that adopt mileage capture technology have been able to reduce mileage as much as 25 percent

Making Mileage Tracking Easy

Making Mileage Tracking Easy

Equo simplifies business mileage tracking for mobile workers and ensures they receive an accurate reimbursement. Leverage the latest technology and phone sensors to automatically detect when a participant is driving and build a mileage log behind the scenes. Features include:

  • Automatic and manual trip detection for capturing business mileage
  • Intuitive scheduling, allowing Equo to use business hours to determine whether trips are business or personal
  • Quickly view mileage summary and trips by day, week, or month
  • Submit trips for reimbursement from anywhere
  • Edit trip details like distance, purpose, and address
  • Capture trips regardless of cellular connectivity

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Going Beyond

Going Beyond

Equo does more than just mileage capture. The Gold Stevie® award-winning app for New Product of the Year provides management with high-level visibility into mobile workers’ trips. Additional products include: