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Vehicle Solutions by Job Role

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Every company with a mobile workforce needs a business vehicle program. No matter your role or job function, we have a solution that meets your business objectives.



Bettering the Bottom Line

Business vehicle programs are not only costly, they’re also essential to your business. It isn’t a question of whether you do or don’t have to reimburse for business mileage, but the best way to do it. Runzheimer helps you manage the costs of essential business vehicle programs and more:

  • Return on Investment - Make back what you put in, and then some
  • Control Spend - Your business vehicle program doesn’t have to be an unregulated expense; let Runzheimer help you with that
  • Efficiencies - Free up the administrative work of mileage reimbursement
  • Visibility - Learn how you could save more from maximizing field efficiencies
  • Reporting/Analytics - Discover trends and actionable insights that improve your bottom line
  • Tax Mitigation - Avoid overpaying taxes by ensuring proper business vehicle program IRS-compliance
  • Risk Reduction - Reduce the potential of an audit or worse

Find out how our technologies can save on your company's current mileage reimbursement program.

We needed to reimburse employees in a way that

was fair, accurate, and defensible. Runzheimer accomplished

that while driving hard dollar savings for our company.

Neil Baier, VP of Finance, Crescent Crown


Human Resources

Keeping the Company Covered

All business vehicle programs have some degree of risk, and all employees deserve a fair and accurate mileage reimbursement rate. Mitigating that risk and ensuring the best mileage reimbursement require knowing the solutions we provide. Runzheimer helps you protect your company from an audit and more:

  • Compliance - Protect your company from an audit with IRS-compliant mileage logs
  • Benefits - Attract new employees with fair, accurate, and defensible reimbursements
  • Policy - Keep your company covered with the right policy
  • Visibility - Follow disturbing trends to keep company culture buttoned up
  • Training/CM/Onboarding - Efficient, in-depth training for current and incoming employees
  • Benchmarking - Compare trends in your vehicle program and benchmark to others in your industry city and country-wide
  • Fairness/Accuracy - Ensure every mobile worker is paid the mileage reimbursement they’re due

Contact us to find out how our technologies can secure your current mileage reimbursement program.

I see Runzheimer as a true extension of the HR team for

these drivers. This partnership with HR has truly improved

all aspects of our program and user experience.

Jennifer Ricks, VP Human Resources Sales & Corporate, KeHe Distributors


Like What You See?

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Improving the Process

Searching for a way your business vehicle program can take less time without compromising accuracy? The efficiency your company strives for doesn’t have to end with your business vehicle program. Learn how Runzheimer can benefit your company:

  • Efficiency of Administration - Remove unnecessary administrative work from your field teams
  • Visibility - Gain insights into your mobile workforce with heightened visibility
  • Business Intelligence - Know how you can improve your mobile workforce efficiency
  • Cost of Sales/Service - Decrease costs associated with your mobile workforce

Contact us to find out how our technologies can improve your current mileage reimbursement program.

The mileage capture program keeps our associates and

the company in compliance with IRS mileage guidelines.

We’ve heard of many companies being audited and coming

up short. Runzheimer has helped us eliminate that threat.

John Snover, VP Operations, Eastern Industrial Supplies



Miles Beyond the Mark

Being effective isn’t just about what you know and how you say it. It’s about being in the right place, meeting face-to-face, and going the extra mile. What could your team accomplish with one more meeting per week? Find out how Runzheimer can get you more wins:

  • Ease of Use - Cut out the admin work of manual mileage capture, simplify your process with automation
  • More Reimbursement - Ensure your sales team is receiving the right reimbursement for their business miles
  • Visibility - Access information to make your sales team more effective
  • Training/CM/Onboarding - Effective training from experts helping your team keep their competitive edge in your industry

Contact us to find out how our technologies can deliver more with your current mobile mileage reimbursement program.

We recognized that multiple reimbursement programs

were risky, challenging and a monetary drain for the company.

We were unsure of what the best solution looked like until we

met with Runzheimer. Our metrics are proof of a job well done.

VP Local Sales Transformation, Large Foodservice Industry Distributor