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Press Release - Equo Battery Savings | Runzheimer

Press Release.


Equo™ by Runzheimer Dramatically Extends Battery Life, No Hardware Required

Leading Mileage Capture App Improves Productivity with Elite Technology

WATERFORD, Wis. – Runzheimer, a leading business vehicle technology and solutions provider, launched the next generation of business mileage capture technology today. The company's latest update to its award-winning Equo™ app features optimized GPS usage to intelligently detect motion/activity and deliver the most accurate mileage capture while significantly reducing battery drain – all without the need for additional hardware or beacons.

"Our customers were asking for a more battery-efficient Equo without compromising mileage accuracy – and we listened. We're excited to get our next version of Equo into the hands of our customers,” says Andrew Zavattero, Vice President of Mobile at Runzheimer. "Equo now uses smarter motion/sensor-based technology to capture trips more accurately while draining only a fraction of a user’s battery. Our initial field testing revealed up to an 80% reduction in battery drain without any additional hardware required."

Battery savings occurs when using Equo’s automatic trip detection feature and the user is not actively driving. Activity detection and motion sensors that are standard in most mobile devices allow Equo to intelligently ‘wake’ and ‘sleep’ the device’s GPS, resulting in incredible battery savings.

Equo by Runzheimer is used to capture millions of business miles each year. One-click automation allows drivers to submit business miles directly from their mobile devices. This saves time and improves the productivity for mobile workers. Meanwhile, employers benefit from more accurate mileage reporting and robust analytics.

Runzheimer spends time with customers to gather feedback and provide best-in-class technology and services for business vehicle reimbursement programs. The Equo app recently garnered a Gold Stevie® Award for New Product of the Year – Mobile On-Demand App Solution, as well as a People’s Choice Stevie Award.

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