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Enhanced Business Vehicle Analytics Offer Visibility into Mobile Workforce

Press Release.


Enhanced Business Vehicle Analytics Offer Visibility into Mobile Workforce

Runzheimer Offers New Analytics Powered by Tableau Software

WATERFORD, Wis. – Runzheimer, a leading business vehicle technology and solutions provider, is offering the next generation of interactive business vehicle program analytics. The highly visual dashboards, powered by Tableau Software, allow program administrators and executives to use program analytics to make strategic business decisions for their mobile workforces.

"Enhanced analytics put powerful insights and business intelligence into the hands of program administrators. Our dashboards provide actionable insights and allow customers to dig into their big data and slice it many ways for deeper visibility into their mobile workforce," says Donna Koppensteiner-Reidy, senior vice president of business development at Runzheimer.

Runzheimer’s business vehicle customers have access to enhanced analytics through a dashboard of key performance metrics. The platform offers review of year-over-year trends that influence program performance, and the ability to view program data multiple ways, including by dates, divisions and territories.

"Before rolling this out, we conducted extensive usability studies to validate what performance metrics administrators need to access to achieve program goals," says Koppensteiner-Reidy. "Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, enabling customers to make informed decisions with their vehicle program data." To learn more, visit

About Runzheimer

Founded in 1933, Runzheimer connects people, companies and their vehicles in ways that drive superior productivity and impactful business intelligence. We provide expertise, technology and world class customer service that empowers companies to move their businesses forward with confidence. As a result, our customers are able to better manage cost, reduce business risk and increase employee satisfaction in the mobile workplace. Runzheimer is the leader in workforce mobility programs, designing and delivering fair, accurate and defensible™ business vehicle programs, relocation information services and business expense solutions. We are highly renowned and recognized for our market leading service delivery focus, an integral part of our corporate culture.