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Equo for Salesforce - CRM and Mileage Capture Integration

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EQUO® for Salesforce®

Powerful mileage capture and CRM integration


A Robust Combination

Equo, Runzheimer's mobile mileage capture application, is more powerful than ever. Through integration with Salesforce, both sales and management will save time and gain insights they never had before. 

Using Equo for Salesforce, you can preplan today, tomorrow, next week, and next month. Find an anchor appointment, pin it on the map, and see potential clients and prospects available within close proximity. For Managers, gain valuable insight into stats such as windshield time vs. face time, planned stops, and total visits and mileage. These insights will help you drive efficiency, understand trends, and improve client satisfaction.


A Rich Set of Features

Equo for Salesforce offers an impressive list of features to make your sales team more efficient and productive every day:

  • Real-time Trip Synchronization: Business trips are synced from Equo to Salesforce in order to provide a real-time view into driver metrics.
  • Map It: Easily visualize and geolocate your clients on a map in order to pre-plan and optimize your day. Last minute cancellation? No problem. Map it to find nearby clients and prospects in order to save time and close that next deal.
  • Build an Itinerary: Pre-plan the optimal day for you or your workforce for today, the next day, next week, and next month. Use it to gain valuable insights into driver productivity by comparing planned stops vs. actual stops.
  • Get Robust Trip Analytics: Gain valuable insight into trip analytics, including start and stop locations, miles driven, and time on site. Our analytics are extensible and can be used with our out-of-the-box Runzheimer reports or integrated into a company’s customer reports.
  • Easily Tie Trip to Trip Locations: Driver’s trips are linked to an account, contact, or lead location automatically using our customer trip task. Use it to better understand the in-person activity history for all your clients.

Like What You See?

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What's in it for you?

Connecting Equo to Salesforce can provide your organization with several benefits, including:

  • Understand client time vs. windshield time 
  • Determine your cost per sale
  • Validate your metrics are correct
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

How can you get started using Equo for Salesforce? Ask your company’s Salesforce administrator to visit our listing in the Salesforce AppExchange or contact us to request more information.

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