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By Austin Klein, Product Manager - Travel and Expense |

When was the last time you reviewed your travel and expense program and policy? The travel and expense management section of Runzheimer’s 2016 Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report has data and benchmarks for program and outsourcing approach, travel volume and spend.

By Rob Kreiling, National Relocation Account Executive |

We recently revealed the results of our relocation program survey findings in the annual benchmark report. The survey responses were gathered earlier this year, but Runzheimer’s expertise in the relocation industry extends much farther than that. Our history in the relocation space goes back to 1966 when we developed the idea to use our data to compare the costs associated with living in different areas across the country - known today as Cost of Living.

By Ken Robinson, Market Analyst |

For the last ten years, Runzheimer has surveyed and reported on the trends in mobile workforce programs. With the mobile worker population on the rise, this year’s results remain as important as ever. According to IDC, the U.S. mobile worker population will account for nearly three-quarters of the total U.S. workforce by 2020*.  Our 10th Annual Workforce Mobility Benchmark Survey reports on how today’s companies manage the policies, processes and program controls involved in managing mobility.

By Randy Mueller, President |

In March of 2016, I celebrated my one-year anniversary as President of Runzheimer. A lot of really great things happened in that year—including being named one of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces. As I reflected on the past year, the major component of Runzheimer’s success comes down to one thing—culture.

4 Reasons to Outsource
By Meghan Peterson, Business Consultant |

It’s no secret that companies today are tasked with doing more with less. Within every functional area of an organization, tasks to streamline processes have become a high priority. As the number of mobile employees continues to grow, one obvious area to streamline and create efficiencies is within the mobile workforce, specifically those who drive for company business.