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Equo Fuel - Calculated fleet mileage reimbursement

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Calculated fleet mileage reimbursement


A Costly Expense

Controlling the expense and risk of company-owned vehicles in any business is key. Fuel represents a large percentage of a company's fleet spend. Equo Fuel eliminates the need for fuel cards by reimbursing for business fuel consumption. Fuel cards are associated with:

  • Fuel card fraud
  • Non-IRS compliant fuel purchase


Facing the Fuel Card Facts

Equo Fuel provides business mileage logs in combination with accurate fuel cost reimbursements, easing administrative work and automating IRS compliance. Tracking mileage with Equo Mileage Capture is a small key to a world of opportunity. Built to gain insight into excess fuel reimbursement spend, Equo Fuel offers new saving avenues through calculated, geographically-sensitive fuel prices without additional paperwork or the risk associated with fuel cards. In addition, you will be able to:

  • Calculate geographically sensitive fuel rates
  • Reimburse drivers for fuel based on fuel rate and business miles recorded

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Going Beyond

Equo Fuel prevents the possibility of fuel card fraud and non-IRS compliant fuel purchases, but that’s not all. Companies also eliminate the administrative task of tax reporting fuel and increase the visibility of business driving. This opens the opportunity for increased actionable field insights for sales leadership. Take advantage of these and more products, including: