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Equo Intel - Increased visibility to vehicle program data

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Increased visibility with business vehicle program data


You Can’t Monitor What You Don’t Measure


Staying competitive in a shifting business landscape means making the most of your company’s assets – including your mobile workforce. Equo Intel enables companies to capture vehicle intelligence, analyze field activity, increase productivity, and gain actionable insights. These metrics are lacking from the current marketplace. According to the Harvard Business Review of 2016:

  • Only 12% of organizations use optimization to assist with selling
  • One-third of sales reps spend 50%-90% of their time driving
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The Need to Know

Equo Intel offers essential tools to further boost productivity and grow efficiency while simultaneously reducing risk and vehicle expenses. This product supports both management and field workers with up-to-date information, providing data to increase face-to-face time, reduce inefficiencies of overlapping territories, and decrease time spent driving. Key features include:

  • Live Real-Time Mapping
  • Last recorded date, time, location, direction, and travel speed
  • Itinerary view displaying stops
  • Number of miles driven
  • Number of sites visited

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Going Beyond

Information is paramount in today’s businesses. But the information collected is just data. Companies need tools to provide insights and share which actions should be taken. Actionable insights are vital for any company seeking greater productivity and widespread efficiency. Runzheimer offers more than overwhelming spreadsheets; we provide data with a purpose, displaying the numbers to tell the story of where your workforce is and the ways it can improve. Take advantage of this and other solutions, including: