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Outsourcing Your Vehicle Program Management

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Your company's business vehicle program, managed by our team of experts


Doing Mileage Reimbursement Right

Letting us manage your company’s business vehicle program with our Outsourced Program Management solution does more than free your company of administrative work. It guarantees that the pains of business vehicle reimbursement are in the trustworthy hands of experts. When it comes to vehicle program management, Runzheimer can help with:

  • Program data collection and analysis
  • Accurate vehicle reimbursement costs
  • Program participant maintenance


A Team You Can Trust

Runzheimer helps take your vehicle program to the next level by outsourcing the administration of your plan to our team of experts. This proven, easy to implement administrative outsourcing and consulting service provides everything needed to get more from your business vehicle program. Our dedicated team of certified and experienced vehicle program specialists have refined processes and all requisite tools and technologies to deliver:

  • Plan objectives created with customer to measure progress through data collection to ensure improvements in our full-circle strategy
  • Strategic analysis and insight into opportunities to exceed customer goals
  • Important plan intelligence to assist in creating actionable program enhancements
  • Customer-specific activities to improve plan performance communicated directly to drivers
  • Updates to employees on information regarding all aspects of the program

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Going Beyond

Move your company’s business vehicle program forward with Runzheimer. You can expect expert insights and recommendations to improve relevant corporate policies, programs, and more. Additional products include: