Travel Costs Simplified


Travel is a necessary component of most industries worldwide. From relocating new employees to attending conferences, visiting clients and making sales presentations, staying in one place can’t get your organization where it wants to be. As necessary as travel is, cheap it is not. Traveling means transportation expenses, accommodations, and meals. Lodging, transportation, and per diems should be established without blowing the budget. That’s why we offer SmartTrip.


SmartTrip is a travel cost benchmarking tool that helps organizations understand the cost of a trip, whether it be airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and meals across locations in the U.S. and internationally. Whether your company needs to touch base with a partner or present to a prospect, there will be travel expenses. Organizations use SmartTrip to:

  • Optimize procurement outcomes and avoid leaving money on the table
  • Establish realistic travel expense budgets
  • Set geographically-accurate caps on meal, lodging, and other expenses
  • Accurately estimate the cost of a trip to support pre-trip approval processes