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Living Cost Solutions by Role

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Regardless of your role or function, we have a solution that meets your needs.



Equitable Compensation

You understand that an employee’s paycheck is sacred and it’s your job to make sure their salary is both competitive within your industry and equitable across your organization’s locations.  Designing a comprehensive compensation structure is the key to success. 

While quality cost-of-labor data is a critical foundation for your program, more is needed to fairly and accurately compensate employees across worksites.  Learn how our tools can help you:

  • Measure purchasing power across your organization’s worksites
  • Measure qualitative elements of isolated locations to create incentive plans

Global Mobility

Relocation/Global Mobility

Understanding the Move

You understand that moving to a new city or country is fraught with challenges for both the employee and the organization.  Your goal is to get the family settled and the employee productive as quickly as possible in the most cost efficient manner.

Each family has unique needs; yet you must treat everyone equitably.  Learn how our tools can help you:

  • Control relocation-related expenses, yet meet family needs
  • Calculate the financial impact of a move and help the family acclimate over time
  • Reimburse expenses for temporary assignments


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Take Charge on the War for Talent

You value the organization’s most important asset – its talent.  The war for talent is raging and you are leading the charge.  The ability to attract, retain and move talent to ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time has never been more critical to the success of your organization’s strategic goals.

Employees expect to be treated fairly and to be empowered with choices to meet their individual needs.  You must balance both the budget and their expectations.  Mobility programs are complex and one size never fits all.  Learn how our tools can help you:

  • Provide fair and flexible reimbursement of relocation-related expenses
  • Provide accurate and defensible cost-of-living comparisons to facilitate moves
  • Provide comprehensive allowances for temporary assignments



Make Sure They Choose You

You understand that candidates have choices and it’s your job to make sure they choose “you” and your organization.  The war for talent is no buzzword – you are in the thick of it.  When you identify a highly desirable candidate, you need to put your best offer on the table.  Understanding the financial impact of your offer gives you a leg up.

Candidates make choices based on their perception of the facts.  Learn how you can offer them additional facts about the financial impact of their decision from an unbiased source.  Our tools can help you:

  • Evaluate the cost-of-living between the candidate’s current location and proposed worksite
  • Determine an appropriate sign-on bonus
  • Measure qualitative elements of isolated locations to educate the candidate



Get your Budget Right

You know everything has a price, including reimbursement of mobile employees for business travel, temporary assignments and relocation.  It’s not a question or whether you will or won’t pay for these expenses, but rather, what is the best method to do so?  Ideally, your goal is to save money, save time and minimize compliance risk with proper expense tracking.

Mobility programs are not only costly, they are essential to meeting the organization’s strategic goals.  We can help you control costs and budget accurately using our tools to help you:

  • Budget and disburse funds for relocation expenses
  • Budget and disburse funds for temporary assignments
  • Budget and benchmark business travel costs

Travel Management

Travel Management

Travel Policy Compliance

You understand that business travel is necessary for the organization to meet its strategic goals.  Your job is to ensure that these expenses are kept under control, that employees are complying with travel policy and that you are getting the most “bang” for your travel “buck.”  Learn how our tools can help you:

  • Benchmark your travel spend
  • Set travel policy and parameters
  • Create travel budgets