Temporary Assignment

Accurate Budgets – Fair Allowances


There is a rising trend to send employees on temporary assignments due to project needs, budget constraints or training and development. Whatever the objective, Runzheimer’s Temporary Assignment Report helps you create a fair and accurate package that reflects the unique circumstances of temporary living arrangements. This report will calculate an allowance that reflects:

  • Company Policy
  • Length of Assignment
  • Worksite Location
  • Housing Costs
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • One-time Expenses


Temporary Assignment Report

Runzheimer’s Temporary Assignment Report provides a fair and consistent approach to calculating the costs associated with temporary living. This provides an accurate budgeting tool as well as the information needed to offer a temporary assignment package to your employee.

  • Use our web-based service to enter in specific parameters such as length of stay, location, and policy
  • We calculate the monthly costs using our proprietary data and methodology
  • The report is delivered, providing a detailed breakdown of ongoing and one-time expenses
  • Create a comprehensive assignment package and/or use it for budgeting